Be a student at GT

We offer students the opportunity to grow, develop and flourish.

We are committed to providing high school students with hands-on experience by involving them in real projects. This opportunity helps students gain invaluable work experience, develop skills and build confidence.

In this way, we contribute to shaping tomorrow's professionals and create a strong foundation for their future careers.

Our students get

Manage real customer projects
Strengthen self-confidence
Generate income
Create customer relationships
Develop entrepreneurial spirit
Deepen technical skills


Our mentoring program strengthens students' skills, confidence and networks, preparing them for working life.


We challenge and guide students in mastering new skills by offering hands-on experience in real-world projects, guidance and training.


An insight into entrepreneurship by participating in decision-making processes, project planning and customer interactions. 

Student cases

Our high school students have had the opportunity to work on a range of exciting and varied projects during their time at From creating user-friendly websites to developing innovative digital solutions, students have been given the opportunity to make significant contributions in real-world situations.


The sheet metal warehouse

Sheet metal warehouse in Sundsvall.



LOS energy UF

UF company providing high quality concentrated energy drink

What some of our students have to say

Opinions are important to us and we are proud to share some of our high school students' positive experiences. Read their thoughts about how the internship at GT has influenced and enriched their future.

"GT gave me practical experience and confidence to succeed in future careers."

Yazan - EE20

“A rewarding internship with fantastic support and guidance. Really felt part of a team!”

Fabian- FS19

"GT gave me an excellent opportunity to develop professionally and personally. A place I recommend!”

Hazar - EE20

“I gained new skills, more knowledge and friends. An incredible experience!”

Kevin - EE21


An internship with us means that students get the opportunity to work with real projects and tasks, while receiving support and guidance from our experienced employees.

We offer internships in a number of different areas, such as web development, system development, design, analysis and strategies as well as entrepreneurship.

We see internships as an opportunity to identify talent and are always open to discussing employment opportunities with students who demonstrate exceptional potential and commitment.

We are looking for committed and determined high school students who strive to develop their skills and personal growth. Experience and previous knowledge is not a requirement; the most important thing is a positive attitude and a strong desire to learn and grow in your field.

GT Konsult's training plan is a structured, step-by-step process that aims to ensure that trainees receive a well-rounded and effective learning experience in their respective subject areas.

The curriculum covers a variety of subject areas, such as WordPress, Design, HTML, CSS, Java scrpt, PHP and more. A way for students to deepen their knowledge at all levels.