The sheet metal warehouse

A sheet metal shop
in straits


Through passion for the profession and modern methods, the sheet metal warehouse can perform everything from simple sheet metal roofs to culturally marked sheet metal roofs, roof terraces and advanced towers. But of course they also carry out modern and simpler sheet metal work. Based on the passion of the owners and workers for the profession, their vision has long been to bring this feeling down to a website to attract new customers. GT-konsult was commissioned to collect this feeling & info in a playful but stylish website.


Common in this industry, the websites look in a particular way, almost a bit tough and hard. We came up with a solution that enriches experience while providing a sense of playfulness. We see their passion and hope that others get the same feeling and perception when they visit the sheet metal shop's new updated website.





Kevin has worked for several clients over time and always received a good review after each job done, through his drive, commitment and creativity.

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