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Explore our extensive range of web development services, where professionalism and humor go hand in hand to deliver a superior experience. Our team of skilled developers is well equipped to handle everything from stylish WordPress sites to advanced, custom solutions.

To cater to customers with varying budgets we also offer student-built projects, which give the talents of the future the opportunity to show off their skills. These projects are particularly suitable for clients with a smaller budget, who at the same time benefit from our commitment to quality and innovation.

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adapted to your website project

Explore our packages and let's find together the perfect solution that fits your budget, without compromising on quality and functionality.

Student built

25% rabatt

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10 000kr

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Is it time to realize a special project that you are passionate about?

We offer one tailor-made solution, adapted and optimized to meet your unique needs and goals.

Professional and student-built websites. The best of both worlds

Take a look at our case studies and discover how we create a harmonious symbiosis of professionalism and young, fresh ideas to deliver outstanding digital platforms for our clients.v


App development



Online platform that transforms how people find and use services.


Seibu Giken DST

En global jätte inom luftavfuktning, är synonymt med innovation och kvalitet.


The warehouse hotel

Warehouse hotel in Stockholm



Rolf Daling

A sophisticated collection of artworks in an artist's gallery.

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