The web agency that gives high school students practical experience

A web agency that believes in the younger generation!

Texas Forslund and Gustav Hultgren are two young entrepreneurs who have built up a web agency in Örnsköldsvik in a short time. They started the company GT Konsult AB directly after high school. The business is run based on their insight that it is difficult for high school students to get a meaningful internship.

-  Our digital platform that we developed ourselves is open and transparent to customers. They can choose to have their web production and social media assignment done at a lower price by high school students, whom we train and supervise. It creates a win-win situation, says Texas.

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Matches students with appropriate assignments

During school, Texas and Gustav ran an award-winning UF company and right after high school in the fall of 2020, they started their own for real. Here they took on everything from digging for fiber to painting offices. The money that came in became the seed capital for their business today. The duo has a great commitment to doing good things from a societal perspective.


- Since 2021, we have been working on building websites. We started by taking in three students and during the autumn semester we had a total of 23 students. Since it wasn't long ago that we were their age, we understand what they need. With us, students learn the entire process from having customer contact to carrying out real assignments. It provides experience that makes them more attractive to recruit after school. We match the students' skills with the customers' needs, continues Texas.

Has further developed his sustainable thinking with Almi

Gustav says that many secondary schools face the same challenge when it comes to finding meaningful apprenticeships for their students. Therefore, it has not been difficult to get several schools to pick up on the idea.

- We already have cooperation with schools in Kramfors, Örnsköldsvik and Umeå. Our vision is to grow to more municipalities across the country.

Together with Johan Gustavsson at Almi, they have developed their business, refined both budget and planning and developed a sustainability policy.

-  We wish we had contacted Almi already on day one. Johan has been a rock as an advisor. We have learned to sort and not to have too many balls in the air at the same time. With Almi's guidance, we have been able to expand and find a structure to train students in many different areas, notes Gustav.