Rolf Dalin has been painting for just over three decades. After a series of early experiments with different materials, his creation has long been completely concentrated on oil painting. Over the years, you have been able to see Rolf and himself at various exhibitions all over Sweden. Rolf's wish has been to get his paintings and information into a digital place so that anyone, at any time, can take part in his artwork. GT-Konsult was commissioned to do just this, a website that tells the story of Rolf Dalin.


When you are contacted and want to create a website with art, you always arrive at the same point. An artist usually doesn't just make 1 work, but it's things you do every day based on what state of mind you're in at that moment. The challenge for us was to create a website that radiates all the different emotions that his art emits.


Everything matters
about feeling

The home page

To honor Rolf and his life's work, we chose to go on a more narrative website with elements of his artwork. On the website you can follow Rolf's journey from start to finish. You also get the opportunity to take part in Rolf's fantastic artwork, where we created the website's graphic design based on the artwork we entered into the website.

Graphic Design

Another assignment was to create a logo, a graphic brand for Rolf and the website. Rolf's paintings inspired us when we thought about how it should look. We chose a writing style that looks painted and almost a little overdried, this should symbolize Rolf's light and beautiful strokes with the brushes. As we looked through Rolf's artwork, the color of the logo became clear, a warm shade of orange.

The Apprentice

The client chose to have one of our apprentices build their website. This is because they have the same vision as us to believe in and support young people who have goals with their careers. We are very proud to offer this type of solution as the students train with us, increased competence in the field and that the company receives an extra favorable price, a so-called win-win.


"Working with Rolf's website and graphic design was very fun and educational. "

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