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The warehouse hotel

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Discover Lagerhotellet, the outstanding warehouse hotel located in the heart of Stockholm! With a focus on convenience, security and flexibility, Lagerhotellet offers a superior storage solution for companies and individuals in the metropolitan area.


Collaboration and continuous communication: The key to successful projects

Throughout the course of the project, we maintained continuous communication with the client and regularly sent drafts for feedback. This close collaboration enabled an open dialogue and ensured that we could adapt to the customer's wishes and expectations. By working together, we were able to create a solution that best reflected the client's vision and needs, resulting in a successful and satisfactory delivery for both parties.

Color combinations

We carefully chose a color combination that harmonized with the company's image and created balance. The color palette exuded professionalism and energy, contributing to a strong visual identity that set the company apart from the competition and engaged the target audience effectively.

Primary 01


Primary 02


Primary 03


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