GT gains international impact when the world's leading supplier of dehumidifiers contacts us.

Why the world's largest dehumidification supplier chooses us for its digital revolution

We are delighted to announce that the world's largest dehumidifier manufacturer has chosen us to help them raise their digital brand profile. With a global presence and clients worldwide, this client's reach is unmatched in their industry.

Our team is dedicated to developing a customized digital strategy that not only reflects the client's unique brand identity, but also ensures maximum engagement with their multifaceted international audience. We leverage our years of expertise in the digital world to provide a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of their online presence.

The client's trust in us is a testament to our demonstrated success in delivering results for our clients, as well as our ability to adapt to the changing needs of an ever-evolving digital landscape. We are proud to have earned their trust and we look forward to working together to achieve their goals and continue our international success.

Students get a step into the global market through collaboration with the world's largest dehumidification company.

Our students are delighted to have the opportunity to work with such a prestigious client, and the benefits of this collaboration are immeasurable.

By partnering with the world's largest dehumidifier manufacturer, our students gain invaluable real-world experience, allowing them to work on a project of global significance and see the impact of their work at an international level. They get hands-on exposure to the latest technologies, tools and practices in the digital marketing industry, which is invaluable for their professional development.

Furthermore, working with this large client enables our students to hone their critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills as they navigate the complex challenges of creating a comprehensive digital solution that meets the client's unique needs.

This experience also provides an excellent opportunity for our trainees to network with industry professionals, as they work alongside experienced experts in the field. They build connections and relationships that will be valuable as they launch their careers in the digital world.

In conclusion, our students are eager to take on the challenge of working with such a prominent client, and we are confident that this experience will be a game-changer for their professional growth and development.



We are proud to have started an exciting collaboration with the world's largest manufacturer of dehumidifiers. The collaboration gives our web trainees the opportunity to work on a project of global importance and gain valuable real-world experience in the digital marketing industry. They have the opportunity to develop a brand new digital strategy and see their work used around the world. We are confident that this experience will be invaluable for their continued professional development.


Hazar Soysüren

"It is a fantastic opportunity for us to work with such a large and globally leading player. Being able to develop a brand new digital strategy and seeing our work used around the world gives a feeling of really contributing to something big. We are confident that this experience will be invaluable for our continued professional development.”